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Best Man's Checklist

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Featured is a chronological checklist of important steps for the Best Man in preparing for a  Scottish wedding:


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  Best Man's Checklist

The selection and role of the Best Man is critical for the Groom. Beginning with the bachelor party, till the moment the groom and his bride return from their honeymoon, the Best Man assists with the Groom's every step and need.

Before the Wedding

  1. Arrange for the bachelors dinner and, or party

  2. Select a gift for the Groom

  3. Prepare a reception speech and toast

  4. Act as a liaison for the Groom’s friends and family

  5. Confirm honeymoon travel arrangements

  6. Provide transportation for the Groom to get to the ceremony, and from the ceremony to the reception

Before Leaving to the Wedding Ceremony

  1. Reception speech

  2. Cash, checkbook or credit card for any needed payments

  3. Car keys to the Groom's car or honeymoon car

  4. Handkerchief

  5. Gas in the Grooms car and or the honeymoon car

  6. Ensure the the Groom is finished packing, and that he has his travel tickets, passport, ID, etc.

  7. Help the Groom dress

  8. Insure that the car is packed for the honeymoon.

  9. Wedding Ring

Before Walking Down the Aisle and After the Ceremony

  1. Ensure that the Groom Uses the restroom

  2. Wedding ring is with the Best Man

  3. Sign the marriage license.

  4. Pay the clergy fee

During & After the Reception 

  1. Musicians or DJ setup

  2. Speech to the groom and bride

  3. Offer the first toast

  4. Dance with the bride and her attendants

  5. Read telegrams or special mail for the bride and groom

  6. Assemble the Groom's kilt rental package and mail it back to Kilt Rental .com

  7. Take care of the Groom's house/apartment while he is on his honeymoon, picking up newspapers and mail, watering indoor plants, taking care of pets, etc.

For those experienced Best Men who have had some interesting, insightful experience or recommendations to the list above, e-mail us at

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