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How to tie

Dress Ghillie Brogues



Ghillie Brogues knotted in the front

 Ghillie Brogues knotted on the side


Step 1

Twisting the laces - this shows six twists.

For the front of your shoe, pull the laces reasonably tight—make sure there isn't slack back and forth through the eyelets—then twist them around each other. The number of twists (half rotations) usually numbers between three and six. If the twists are too loose, they look floppy and your laces may slip later. If they are too tight, the laces become an unpleasing jubbled mass of laces.  Some prefer to do a half-hitch with the laces prior to doing any twists—others don't.

Step 2

The twisting at the back - this shows two twists.

Note here that the laces are pulled artificially high in the front and will be lowered for final tying.


At the rear of your leg, pull the laces tight then again twist them around each other. The number of twists usually numbers between 2 and 4 turns—though some do no turns at all. The only real rule is to have less turns in the back than the front. Again, some prefer to do a half-hitch with the laces in the back prior to doing any twists—others don't. 

Step 3

Tie your knot.



Some tie it on the side. The pipers in the Scottish regiments tie the knot directly under the flashes.  Regardless of where you place your bow, do a typical half-hitch prior to tying the bow as you would when tying a regular shoe.

Some pipers make the mistake of tying the laces too high up the leg. It should wrap no more than a couple of inches above the ankle bone. Better too low than too high.

If you end up with lots of extra lace, you can wrap the laces once again around your ankle.

View at the inner side of the leg


View from the top after you finished tying

Slipping Laces.

If you find that your laces slip down over the course of a day, and you aren't tying them too high on your leg, you have a few options. First you can live with the inconvenience and just retie them as needed. Second, pull them very tight, though this can be uncomfortable after a relatively short time.   Still another option is to use a small safety pin on the inside of your hose and slip the pin through the lace knot to secure it in position - if you don't mind a small safety pin resting against your skin for a while. But most pipers, if they don't tie the laces too high, don't have a slipping laces problem.

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