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Featured is a chronological checklist of important steps for the Groom in planning his Scottish wedding:


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Groom's Checklist

  1. Buy the engagement ring.
  2. Set a date for the wedding.
  3. Reserve the wedding site, whether a church or other facility.  Good wedding sites are booked up 7 to 8 months in advance, so make this a priority.  
  4. Put together a wedding guest list and have your family make out theirs. You should note which guests you would like to have seated in the reserved pews of the church or of the wedding ceremony site.
  5. Select the Best Man, Groomsmen, and ushers.
  6. Select the Scottish Highland dress for you,  the Best Man, Groomsmen, ushers, and other key members of the wedding party.  Determine whether you want formal or informal attire.  For formal attire select either the Prince Charlie jacket and vest, or the Argyll (Kilt) jacket.  The Prince Charlie jacket and vest, with its satin lapels and tails, is more formal than the Argyll jacket.  The Argyll jacket is cut like a blazer, and is more comfortable than the Prince Charlie jacket and vest.  It is made of the same fine Barathea wool, and has the same silver plated buttons however.  Some Grooms choose to wear the Prince Charlie jacket and vest, and request all others in the wedding party to wear the Argyll jacket, to distinguish the Groom from other members of the party.  Next choose the kilt tartan you, the Best Man, Groomsmen, and ushers will be wearing.  Some Grooms prefer to wear their family tartan, while others want to coordinate the colors in the tartan with the bridesmaids dresses, and other colors selected for the wedding.  Some Grooms elect to have everyone in the wedding party wear the same tartan, while others leave the selection of the tartan to the individuals attending.  Note that in Scotland it is common for everyone to wear a different tartan, usually their family tartan.  For those who do not wish to wear a kilt, they may consider wearing a tartan cummerbund and bowtie.
  7. Select gifts for your Best Man, Groomsmen and ushers, that can be presented at either the wedding rehearsal or bachelor party.
  8. Select a gift for your bride. This gift ideally should be something personal such as a fine piece of jewelry, a watch, a full day at the spa with the works, etc.
  9. With your bride choose wedding rings. Have them engraved with your initials and wedding date on the inside of the rings.
  10. With your bride, begin planning the honeymoon, with time enough for making reservations, changes in the plans, or additions to the plans.
  11. Make arrangements for the purchase of the bride's bouquet, the bride's going-away corsage, corsages for both of the mothers and the closest female relatives on both sides. Not to forget, the boutonnieres for all the men in your wedding party, need to be selected and paid for.
  12. Make sure that you and your bride have all necessary arrangements for blood tests, birth certificates, baptismal certificates, etc.
  13. Apply for the marriage license. The license should be obtained with ample time before the wedding date. The license should be given to the Best Man before the wedding, he will then present it after the wedding ceremony.
  14. If there is to be a pre-neptual agreement, the agreement should be drawn, reviewed and each may want to seek consule so that the agreement may be signed.
  15. Set a date for the wedding rehearsal and notify all your attendants of the place and time.
  16. Arrange a bachelor dinner several days before the wedding. The Best Man and ushers often will host this.
  17. Print out our Best Man's Checklist and provide him with a copy and any other resources he'll need.  Provide the Best Man with the clergyman's fee and information on the logistics of the wedding, the honeymoon and travel plans.  You may request that he Best Man pay the vendors on your behalf and help ensure that the reception facility is left in good order. Whatever arrangements you make, be sure that you review them with your Best Man at least a couple of days before the wedding date. 
  18. Print out our Best Man's Checklist and provide him with a copy and any other resources he'll need.
  19. After the wedding ceremony, you and your bride need to sign the wedding certificate and have your Best Man ensure it is safely put away.
  20. The day after the ceremony, send to the bride's parents a telegram thanking them for the wonderful wedding and reception.
  21. After the wedding change the status on all pertinent paperwork regarding your marital status. This includes insurances on life, property, household, medical and fire.

For those experienced Grooms who have had some interesting, insightful experience or recommendations to the list above, e-mail us at

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