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How to Wear the Tartan Sash and Brooch 

Popular way to wear the Tartan sash Clanswoman wearing tartan sash
Popular Style Clans Women








Lord Lyon states:


A.  Worn by Clans Women  

The Tartan Sash is worn over the right shoulder across the breast, and secured by a pin or small brooch on the right shoulder.


B.  Worn by wives of Chieftainesses

Wives of Clan Chiefs, Colonels of the Scottish Regiment, and could also be applied to principals of companies.  The sash is worn over the left shoulder, and secured with a brooch on the left shoulder.


C.  Worn by ladies who have married out of their clan who still use their original clan tartan

The tartan sash is worn over the right shoulder and fastened in a bow on the left hip.


Tartan Sash Rosette


Most Popular Styles

The two most popular styles of wearing the tartan sash and brooch are to drape the tartan sash over the right shoulder, across the breast, and secured by a brooch on the waist, or on the right shoulder, as depicted on the left and below.


Official Styles

The is no official style of wearing the tartan sash.  Different authorities have said different things, and no one has been able to provide a definite answer.


The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society states that ladies should wear the tartan sash pinned at the left shoulder.


The Lord Lyon King of Arms approves the following:


Tartan Sash Worn by Clans Woman

Tartan Sash Worn by Chieftainesses or Heads of Companies

Lady's Personal Tartan Sash

A. Clans Women

B. Chieftainesses and Heads of Companies

C. Personal Clan Tartan











How to Tie a Tartan Sash Rosette


Step 1:  Fold the tartan sash in half.


Step 2:  Take the top of the folded end and fold it back about 6".  Now fasten a rubber band in the middle of this new fold, making the sash look like a bow with a long tail.


Step 3:  Fluff the folds so that the bow looks like a rosette, then use pins to fasten the rosette's half circle together.  Pin your brooch in the middle of the rosette to hide the rubber band.


Step 4:  Pin the rosette to the shoulder of your dress with the end of the sash hanging diagonally across your breast, and the other end of the sash hanging diagonally across your back.


Step 6:  Arrange the two ends of the sash diagonally across your torso so that they reach your hip, then fasten the two ends to your hip with safety pins, making sure that the pins are not visible.


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