How to Wear the Kilt
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 Black Watch tartan kilt with kilt pin, Prince Charlie jacket and vest, black bowtie, fur sporran, and hose flashes

 Kilt.  The kilt is worn right below the rib cage, and should hang down to the top or middle of the knees (your preference).  It is adjustable an inch and a half either way by using the leather straps on the side.  The double apron, with the attached kilt pin, is worn in front, and the pleats are worn in the back for sitting. 


The kilt pin serves as both a weight and ornament, and is fastened to the right corner of the kilt, approximately 3” up from the bottom, and 2” in from the side.

Kilt Belt and Buckle.  The kilt belt and buckle is optional if you are wearing a coat.  The belt fits through the belt loop in the back of the kilt.  It has an adjustable strap in the back.

Sporran.  The sporran chain strap fits through the belt loops in the back of the kilt.  The sporran, attached to the chain straps, should hang about six inches from the top of the kilt, or just below the jacket. The sporran was originally designed to carry a days rations.

Kilt Socks.  The kilt socks should come up right below the kneecap, and fold down about three inches from the top over the garters.







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Garters/Flashes.  The garters are strapped around the outside of the sock, about three inched down from the top, with the top of the sock folded down over the top half of the garter.  Garters were originally used to keep the socks up.  Today with nylon added to the socks for strength, the garters have become  ornamental, and compliment the kilt.

Skean dhu.  The skean dhub, Gaelic for “black knife,” today is an ornamental sock knife traditionally worn tucked inside the sock on the right side of the right leg, with part of the handle showing. The skean dhub is optional, and is not recommended for proms, school formals, air travel, etc. where it might be considered a weapon. 

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