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Kilt rental specialist



Hi, I'm Colleen.   Drop me a line at

Fax/phone:  (719) 579-0713

Call toll free: (877) 737-KILT

                   or (877) 737-5458

in Colorado Springs: 527-0753

We may have it in stock, or know where we can find it!


                                          TARTAN SELECTION

You may review tartan selection, availability and size by clicking here.


                                          MEASURE YOUR KILT

You may receive instructions on how to measure your kilt by clicking here.


                            RENTAL AND SHIPPING AGREEMENT 

Please review our terms  and conditions of rental by clicking here.


ORDER OUR Kilt Rental Package ($180 - INCLUDES FREE GROUND SHIPPING BOTH WAYS IN THE CONTINENTAL USA - Allow 5 Business Days, $15 Surcharge for Alaska and Hawaii) or select what you need.  



Large inventory in most sizes.

Kilt Rental Package ($180.00):       Or order individually: 

(Kilt Rental Package includes Kilt with Kilt Pin, choice of Kilt Jacket or Prince Charlie Jacket, Sporran, Flashes/Garters, and Bowtie, as well as Ground Shipping both ways. It does not include socks, which may (be ordered separately below.), shirt or shoes (we recommend black dress shoes).  


     These measurements help us verify your kilt and jacket sizes.


Weight:      Height:      Pant waist: 


   Kilt  Size/Tartan:   ($80.00 if ordered separately)

         Kilt pin   Kilt belt and buckle ($15 if ordered separately)

       Flashes/Garters:   (no charge with kilt order)

           Skean dhub (sock knife):   (no charge with kilt order)

       Sock knife with safety blade tucks inside right sock with handle showing.

 Airlines may consider the skean dhub a weapon and confiscate it if carried onboard.


   Sporran:   ($15.00 if ordered separately)



   Jacket    Size:

                           ($80 if ordered separately)


         Bowtie:   (no charge with jacket order)



   Socks:   Sock Size:   (Purchase - Keep)

              Cream kilt socks are $26 (45% wool with 55% acrylic)

              Black kilt socks are $32 (80% wool with 20% nylon)

Dress Ghillie brogues (Optional $15.00 extra) Size:                                                         We recommend wearing your black dress shoes. The Dress Ghillie brogue is more of of a costume, and is basically a black wingtip shoe with long shoe laces that lace up the leg.

Date of the event   

Type of Event:    

(e.g., wedding, St. Patrick's Day party, formal ball, prom, etc.)

I have reviewed the Rental and Shipping Agreement.

and concur as written


Enter additional accessories (i.e., Fly-plaid and brooch, Jacobean shirt, Lady's tartan sash, brooches, tartan cummerbunds etc.), questions, or additional information (e.g., wedding group, tartan material, tartan ribbon, flags, etc.):

Please provide the following contact information:

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone Extension
Home Phone
Cell Phone



    After you submit form we will contact you to verify your order and delivery.

If you experience technical problems call us toll free, e-mail,  or fax us at the numbers below.


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Thank You


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