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Kilt rentals and accompanying Scottish Highland Dress accessories for men and women, including ladies' tartan sashes and men's tartan cummerbund with bowtie

Kilt rentals from Kilt Rental .com are a formal alternative   Defy tuxedo mediocrity    Be it a Scottish wedding, prom, cruise, social event, or movie production, our regulation kilt formal wear makes a statement.

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Kilt rentals in a large selection to choose from, and personal attention to your needs.   We can accommodate large groups and overnight delivery. Our regulation kilts make a statement.



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Hi, I'm Colleen.   Drop me a line at

Fax/phone:  (719) 579-0713

Call toll free: (877) 737-KILT

                   or (877) 737-5458

in Colorado Springs: 527-0753

I may have it in stock, or know where we can find it!

Kilt Rentals

Everything You Need

Rent our authentic Scottish Highland Dress package, or individual items as follows: 

    1. Kilt with kilt pin

    2. Argyll jacket

        or Prince Charlie jacket with

            waist coat   

    3. Sporran with chain belt

    4. Kilt belt and buckle

    5. Bowtie 

    6. Flashes/Garters

    7. Skean dhu

    Other rental options include: 

    1. Jacobean shirt

    2. Plaid and brooch

    3. Lady's sash and brooch


     Kilt socks, cream or black, are available for purchase, see Kilt Rental Order Process


Adult kilt sizes for kilt rentals are available in our Scottish National kilts, Black Watch kilts, Douglas, Gunn kilts (ancient or modern), Royal Stewart kilts, Hunting Stewart kilts and Fraser kilts. Adult package is $165 with one-way shipping and handling included.

Child (ages 2-10) Scottish Highland Dress package includes Black Watch kilt or kiltie, sporran, bow tie, socks, and garters for $45.

Men's Tartan Cummerbunds / Bowties

As an alternative to the kilt, try our tartan cummerbund and bowtie ($85 per set).

Ladies' Tartan Sashes and Brooches

Rent ($25), or purchase, our beautiful tartan sashes ($70) and brooches ($35) for ladies.

Accessories to Purchase

Click on Accessories to purchase kilt socks, or items which are not included in the rental package.  

Most of our customers prefer wearing a tuxedo shirt and dress shoes, but we carry a full line of authentic Scottish  Highland dress accessories for men and women.

To Place Order

Click on Order Process  to provide you   with all the information you need to place your order:


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Ancient Gunn kilt tartan, Kilt Jacket, Black Bowtie, Sporran, Kilt Pin, and Hose Flashes

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We Sell

New and Used Kilts

We sell a full line of Scottish Highland dress, and will credit your rental toward a purchase.

On occasion we have used Highland dress merchandise available for purchase.

KiltRental .com supports underprivileged children.  Profits help support Hope and Home, a child placement center which works with the Department of Human Services to find permanent homes for foster care children, help disadvantaged children with medical problems, braces, and many essentials not available without community support.  Find out more about Hope and Home by visiting their website at

Our kilts make a statement!   Our regulation kilt formal wear has been seen in weddings, proms, in the movies, and at the Emmy awards, on cruises, resorts around the world, at Robert Burns' Night parties, and at various social events.


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