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Group orders.  We will assist you in coordinating with your party on the rental of our Scottish Highland dress.  Simply send us an e-mail listing the names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers, of those in the party who will be ordering our Scottish Highland dress and we will take it from there.  Last minute additions are common, and normally not a problem.  We will ensure that everyone on your list has their order in on time, that they are all coordinated as to what they are wearing, and when and where they receive their package. We rent by the event, not on a daily basis, so we will accommodate anyone who needs their package sent early to accommodate for travel.  We will keep you abreast of the status of their order placement, and also let you know if there are any holdouts.


We recommend that everyone ordering a kilt go to our website and fill out the order form, then later call in their credit card number.  We do not charge the credit card until the day we ship.  They may also call us toll free if they have any problems or questions.  The best approach is to make each individual responsible for getting their package back to us, so if anything is missing upon return, we will know who is responsible, and will contact them individually.  We also recommend that the Best Man be given the responsibility to ensure the groom's package is returned on time, since the groom has more important things to occupy his time.  This approach makes it easier on you, but we will work with you which ever way you want to go. 


As an alternative to the kilt, our matching tartan cummerbund and bowtie may be purchased for $68 per set (allow 3 weeks delivery). 


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Develop a website.  You might consider developing a website to coordinate your wedding activities.  Featured below is an example of a website announcing the engagement, when and where the wedding will be held, registry, accommodations, things to do, and of course, coordinating the Scottish Highland dress attire:


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Groom's Checklist.  Featured here is a chronological checklist of important steps for the Groom in planning his Scottish wedding.


Best Man's Checklist.  Featured here is a chronological checklist of important steps for the Best Man in preparing for a  Scottish wedding.


Scottish White Heather Source.  White heather all the way from Scotland for your wedding.


Tartan RibbonTartan ribbon is used for announcements, floral arrangements, favors, hair ornaments, marking pews, decorating the wedding cake, and many other uses. in wedding movies:


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Select a Scottish wedding Officient.  Reverend Reverend Christopher come highly recommended. Reverend Christopher's website, Vows from the Heart of Scotland, offers excellent information on Scottish wedding ceremonies, old Scottish traditions, Scottish food, and of course, Scottish music:


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