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Tartan Sash and Brooch 


Most popular style for wearing the tartan sash.


The tartan sash is a long and narrow, light weight (tie weight), piece of tartan fabric measuring approximately 90" X 10 1/2", with tassels on the ends.


How to Wear the tartan Sash and Brooch

Styles for wearing the tartan sash are as varied as your imagination.  The most popular style for wearing the tartan sash is to drape the tartan sash over the shoulder, across the breast, and either secured by a brooch at the hip (as shown to the left), or right shoulder. 

There is no official style for wearing the tartan sash.  Different authorities have said different things, and no one has been able to give a definite answer.

In all due respect for tradition, uniform practice, and implication consistent with custom, we provide you with the following suggestions based upon old portraits, prints, and traditional practice, and which bear the approval of the Lord Lyon King of Arms on the following page - click here.


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