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On your cruise there is nothing more elegant than properly worn Scottish Highland Dress for the evening.  Our cruise kilt rental package is a formal alternative   - defy tuxedo mediocrity!  

Cruise Kilt Rental Package

Rent our cruise kilt rental package ( see About Scottish Highland dress ) or individual items as follows: 


Customer wearing cruise kilt package: modern Gunn tartan kilt, Argyll jacket, black bowtie, sporran, kilt pin, and green hose flashes 1. Kilt with kilt pin

 2. Kilt belt and buckle               

 3. Argyll Jacket (as shown) or 

    Prince Charlie Jacket 

      and vest

 4. Sporran with chain belt

 5. Bowtie 

 6. Flashes/Garters

 7. Skean dhub (sock knife)


Cruise kilts available in the Black Watch tartan, Scottish National tartan, Douglas tartan, ancient Gunn tartan, modern Gunn tartan (as shown), Royal Stewart tartan, and more.  Adult cruise kilt package is $180 for a 6 day cruise, $255 for a 7-10 day cruise, and $335 for an 11-16 day cruise, with free return shipping included.


Ladies' Tartan Sashes and Brooches

Rent, or purchase, our beautiful tartan sashes and brooches for ladies.

Accessories to Purchase

Click on Accessories for Purchase for kilt socks, or items not included in the  rental package.  

Most of our customers prefer wearing a tuxedo shirt and dress shoes, but we carry a full line of authentic Scottish  Highland Dress accessories.

To Order 

Our cruise kilt rental package is by special agreement.  Click on Kilt Rental Order Process  to provide you with all the  information you need to place your order, and we will contact you:

  • Tartans available

  • How to measure your kilt

  • Rental and Shipping Policy

  • Accessories

  • Price selection ($180.00 for a 7 day cruise, $255.00 for a 10 day cruise, and $335.00 for a 14 day cruise, with one-way shipping and handling included).  

  • Order process options:


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