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Kilt rental package shown here includes Ancient Gunn tartan kilt, kilt pin, kilt belt and buckle, kilt jacket/ Argyll jacket, black bowtie, sporran, skean dhu, and green garters/hose flashes

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All of our regulation kilts are entirely hand crafted by our master kilt makers in Scotland - no patterns exist for kilts.  Our kilt makers must serve a five year apprenticeship to learn their fine art.  Each kilt is hand-cut and hand pleated, utilizing an average of eight yards of tartan material, and over 3,000 stitches per kilt, taking an average of 16 hours to complete.  Our kilts are made of the highest quality 11 1/2 oz. Scottish worsted wool.  Each kilt is constructed in the front of two overlapping aprons of unpleated tartan kilt fabric.  The back of the kilt is pleated to the sett, or pleated in a pattern that repeats the tartan design.  Scotland possesses the only looms capable of weaving kilt fabric that can hold these pleats.  A great deal of knowledge and skill are required to make our kilts, which have been passed down through generations of kilt making.   At Kilt Rental .com, we bring you the highest quality Scottish loom wool, and the skill of the master kilt maker.  The kilt is finished with a kilt pin.  Shown to the left is the Ancient Gunn tartan kilt with pewter kilt pin.


Our kilt jacket, also known as Argyll jacket (sometimes spelt Argyle ), selected for it's year around comfort and elegance, is made of fine, light weight, Barathea wool.  Hand made in Scotland, it features a straight back, two pockets, two button front, and square silver plated buttons.  This jacket looks smart with a white dress shirt and tie or bow tie.  We also carry the Prince Charlie jacket with vest, but for all around comfort, we recommend the kilt jacket shown to the left.


The sporran is made in Scotland.  Our quality black leather, or imitation fur and black leather (featured in left picture), are acceptable for both day or evening attire.  It comes with a chain and adjustable belt.  Since the kilt does not have pockets, the sporran was the original "hip pack", so popular today!


In addition to the kilt with accompanying kilt pin, kilt jacket, and sporran, the package also includes hose flashes/garters and bowtie, as displayed in the the picture to the left.


There is nothing more elegant than properly worn Highland Dress for day or evening.


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